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Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is Soto’s Engineering and Laboratories Purpose?

Soto’s Engineering and Laboratories (SEL) is an entity that was established in 2022 by a electrical engineer that developed a vision to enhance and enrich the STEM community at the university level. Creating a real-life application base atmosphere that will develop STEM students to become proficient at using test facilities, engineering equipment, model & simulation and much more prior to entering the industry.

Why was SEL created?

Although there are many STEM initiatives that focus on math and science in unique creative platforms – we are different. Developing students to understand how to apply theoretical concepts to the use of real-life applications. This approach will propel students into the industry.

Who is the leader of SEL?

The Founding CEO of SEL is Timothy Soto, active electrical engineer at Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division that supports the Department of Defense military branches.

How is this different from other STEM initiatives?

We strive to cultivate a real-life application base atmosphere at a university where STEM students can apply their knowledge that expands into many avenues of industry. The next step of STEM initiatives is to bring test facilities, engineering equipment, modeling and simulation and much more for students to finally connect the missing piece of their education.

How is SEL funded?

SEL is seeking support from the public and private sectors to engage, connect and serve towards building high-quality talent for both public and private sector employers.

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